Edmonton Pet Parrot Association

Organization and Bylaws



  1. The name of this organization shall be the Edmonton Pet Parrot Association (also referred to as “EPPA”).
  2. The EPPA is a club of parrot enthusiasts.
  3. The EPPA is a service organization devoted to enhancing the welfare and quality of life of the parrot through education.
  4. The EPPA shall work in co-operation with other organizations whose aims and objectives correspond with those of the EPPA.



  1. Educate the public about parrots.
    1. Provide parrot-related information as appropriate
    2. Maintain a current mailing list and web page.
    3. Produce a regular newsletter and publish it on the EPPA web site.
    4. Attend and distribute information at pet fairs and events.
    5. Be available for educational seminars to schools, groups, and clubs.
    6. Keep a library of parrot publications.
  2. Sponsor and run promotions and shows.
    1. At least one “Parrots of the World” show per year.
    2. At least three EPPA promotions per year.
  3. Provide an educational and social environment for parrot enthusiasts to exchange information about parrot ownership.
    1. Provide at least 8 informational meetings per year.
    2. Provide at least 2 social events per year (not including shows or promotions).
    3. Publish regular newsletters.
    4. Provide at least 1 toy workshop per year.
    5. Conduct fundraising activities.



  1. Membership in the EPPA is open to any individual or organization that agrees to comply with the objectives, bylaws, procedures, and policies of the EPPA.
  2. The Executive has the right to refuse any membership, or to expel an existing member, for reasonable cause. Anyone refused or expelled will receive written explanation of the reason(s) including a return address. The judgment may be appealed in writing to the Executive within 10 days, otherwise it is final. If the judgment is appealed, the individual(s)/organization(s) will meet with the Executive to plead their case. The Executive’s decision is final.
  3. Membership Fees
    1. Membership fee rates shall be determined by the Executive.
    2. Membership is annual; it’s based on a 12-month interval beginning September 1st of each year.
    3. All applicants shall apply on the EPPA’s membership form, and shall pay the required fee.
    4. Membership fees paid are non-refundable.
    5. Honorary membership may be nominated by the membership
    6. Members shall be informed in advance of the meeting that their membership renewal is due by e-mail and newsletter
    7. If a member is in arrears for fees for any year, after a 30-day grace period, the member shall thereafter not be entitled to membership privileges or powers until such fees are paid in full.
  4. Members have the following rights:
    1. To receive an annual EPPA membership card bearing their name and membership expiry date.
    2. To receive discounts at designated businesses.
    3. To attend and participate in all member meetings, and special EPPA events.
    4. To provide one vote per paid membership on issues presented to the members for a vote.
    5. To join in a petition to remove an Executive or one assuming Other Responsibilities
    6. To request to hold a position as an Executive or assume Other Responsibilities.
    7. To provide input regarding the operations of the EPPA or its current projects.
    8. To be included in all EPPA membership mailings
  5. Members have the following duties and responsibilities:
    1. To comply with the objectives, bylaws, procedures, and policies of the EPPA.
    2. If an owner, to provide and maintain a healthy, safe, and caring environment for their parrots.
    3. To conduct oneself, and one’s family, in a courteous and dignified manner whenever representing the EPPA, or while attending any EPPA event.
    4. To maintain a current membership by paying dues on or before the renewal date of membership.



  1. The Executive of the EPPA shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
  2. The elected Executive shall serve for 2 consecutive years with the option of re-election at the end of their term.
  3. An EPPA member must be at least 18 years old before being eligible to run for election to the Executive.
  4. The affairs of the EPPA shall be managed by the Executive, subject to the bylaws or directions given it by a majority vote at any monthly meeting.
  5. If a member of the Executive does not attend 3 consecutive member meetings or 3 consecutive Executive meetings, that Executive member shall be deemed to have resigned and the position vacant
  6. Any vacancy occurring during the term of any Executive member shall be filled as soon as possible through nomination and vote at a member meeting.
  7. Signing authority for an EPPA cheque shall be two executive members
  8. The Executive positions entail:
    1. President

-         When present, presides at all meetings of the EPPA and Executive

    1. Vice-President

-         In the absence of the President shall carry out the duties of the President

-         In the event that the President can no longer discharge the duties of the office, and no interim President is elected, the Vice-President shall take over as the acting President for the remainder of the term.

-         Provides e-mail communications to membership

-         Makes appropriate filing based on the audited annual report to the Registry offices and Government as per their requirements

    1. Secretary

-         Attends all meetings of the EPPA and the Executive, and keeps accurate records of these meetings

-         Is in charge of all correspondence of the EPPA

    1. Treasurer

-         Receives all monies paid to the EPPA, and is responsible for its deposit to whichever financial institution is deemed satisfactory by the Executive

-         Properly accounts for the funds of the EPPA, and keeps such books as required

-         Presents a detailed account of receipts and disbursements to the Executive on a monthly basis

-         Provides a written and audited annual report to the Executive 30 days after the fiscal year end. This report shall include all transactions and deposits in the EPPA account(s)



1.      Other activities that support the functioning of the EPPA are required such as:

a.       Research - produce articles, papers, and promotional brochures for the membership and, where appropriate, for the public

b.      Promotions - produce the “Parrots Of the World” show, promote the EPPA through a variety of public events, educational seminars, and the distribution of informational brochures, and organize EPPA social events

c.       News Letter – produce a regular EPPA newsletter, for the purpose of stimulating interest and improving attendance, announcing the program of the future meeting(s), relating highlights of the previous meeting, promoting fellowship, contributing to the education of the members, and reporting news of the EPPA, its members and affiliates.

d.      Web Site - maintain the EPPA web site

e.       Librarian - maintain the EPPA library

f.        Fund Raising – propose fund raising activities, and spearhead those fund raising activities approved by the Executive

2.      Persons interested in taking on these duties may volunteer for these duties, or be elected or assigned to them (as deemed appropriate by the Executive).

3.      Persons taking on these duties shall report to the Executive.



  1. Member Meetings
    1. Shall provide at least 8 meetings per year
    2. Shall follow an agenda as set out by the President
    3. Any individual or organization wishing to present information at a meeting shall require Executive approval
    4. At the February meeting there shall be elections for any Executive positions whose terms have expired
    5. Twenty members, or 50% of current members in good standing, whichever is available, shall constitute a quorum.
  2. Executive Meetings
    1. Shall be held prior to each member meeting or no less than 8 times per year.
    2. A meeting shall be called by the President.
    3. A meeting shall be called by the President upon the instruction from two members of the Executive provided they request the President in writing to call such a meeting, and state the business to be brought before the meeting.
    4. Shall follow an agenda as set out by the President.
    5. Meetings shall be called with 10 days notice in writing to call such a meeting, or by 3 days notice by phone, fax, or e-mail.
    6. Any three members of the Executive shall constitute a quorum. A meeting may be held without notice if a quorum is present, provided that any business transactions or decisions at such a meeting be ratified at the next regularly called meeting; otherwise the transactions and decisions shall be null and void.
    7. Voting shall be by simple majority. If a tie exists, the President has the option of casting a second vote or taking the vote to the membership.
  3. Social Events
    1. Shall be held no less than 2 times per year (not including promotions, fundraisers, or shows).
    2. Shall be a non-business related activity, open to all members in good standing, and when appropriate, their guests and/or the general public.
  4. Shows
    1. Each spring the EPPA will host a show called “Parrots of the World”.
    2. EPPA hosted shows are educational shows; the shows shall not be judged, and no form of competition shall be entered into.
    3. No member or vender participating in a show shall sell any living creature at the show.
  5. Pet Fairs and Expositions
    1. An effort shall be made to send representatives to such events.



  1. The books, records, and accounts of the Secretary and Treasurer shall be audited yearly by two members of the EPPA, one of which cannot currently hold, or have held in the fiscal year being audited, a position on the Executive.
  2. The fiscal year for the EPPA shall begin August 1st of each year.
  3. The books and records may be inspected by any member of the EPPA who is in good standing provided that reasonable notice is given, and a satisfactory time is arranged with the Executive member having charge of the same.
  4. All members of the Executive shall at all times have access to the EPPA’s books and records.



  1. The bylaws may be rescinded, altered, or added to at any member meeting, provided that proper notice to the membership be given, that a quorum is present, and that at least two-thirds of the members present vote in favor of the motion.
  2. No amendment or addition to these bylaws may be made that is not in harmony with the EPPA’s mission statement.