Zoe ... a Green Naped Rainbow Lory

Belonged to ... Petra

Zoe was a Green Naped Rainbow Lory (Trichoglossus Haemtodus). Technically she was a Lorikeet, meaning that they are smaller than lories and have tail feathers that comprise rather narrow pointed feathers. Lories have tail feathers that form a square.

The Green Naped Rainbow Lory has large range in the wild. They can be found anywhere from Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands to Australia. Lories are different from most parrots since they are nectar eaters rather than seed eaters. They have "brush" tongues. The Green Naped is about 9 to 10 inches long and weighs between 130 to 140 grams. They live 25 to 35 years.

Lories are the comedians of the parrot world. Their antics keep their owners entertained for a long time. They can amuse themselves so they are good pets, especially if one works outside of the home. They love to roughhouse. They are very intelligent. Zoe had a vocabulary of about 150 words, phrases, and complete sentences.

There are actually quite a number of Lories in the Edmonton area; unfortunately, no other lories have asked their people to join our club.