Brixley ... a Green Winged Macaw

Belonged to ... KimBerley & Rudy K.

Brixley was 19 years old when he passed away and we had him since he was a baby.
He was considered our first child and was the center of our world.
He was included in our wedding pictures and we had an ice sculpture made of him for our wedding reception.
We took him camping every w/e in the summer, he was in the annual silly day parade; we included him in every part of our live where possible.
His favorite saying was "peek-a-boo" which he would say as he pulled his wing over his head.
He used this to get our attention, especially when there was "people" food around.
He was a really clown and extremely affectionate.

My husband made a beautiful walnut casket and we will take him out to our lake lot to bury him out there; he LOVED camping. We miss him dearly.